SOS supports WRCJ.FM…

…and we encourage you to do the same!


Listen to 90.9 WRCJ.FM any time and you will see that it is filled with great music, intelligent commentary and humor.

SOS learned recently that they have an excellent management team that leads by example exhibiting grace, accountability and excellent customer relations as well!

On Monday May 2nd, SOS was the Day Sponsor for WRCJ. One of the benefits of being a day sponsor is that they will read a short announcement of your choice periodically throughout the day. Unfortunately, some of the announcements got mixed up and SOS was not mentioned.

Upon receiving calls from our supporters, within minutes, the management of WRCJ sent an apology email to SOS with a proposal on how to fix the mix-up

What a great chain of events after a problem was identified:

Apologize + accept responsibility + propose solution + act on solution = Satisfied Customers!

The announcements were re-done the next day and everyone is happy.

This is a perfect example of honest, capable and confident management accepting responsibility and taking care of business. They did the right thing for the right reason with grace and style.


The officers of SOS thanked them by confirming a trusting, working relationship, along with a nice big check!

SUPPORT WRCJ 90.9 because they get it!

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