Open Letter to Maestro Slatkin


Dear Mr. Slatkin,

We represent a group of concerned citizens who have banded together to find a resolution to the DSO management/musician impasse. We seek an opportunity to meet with you and discuss the audience stakeholder viewpoint. As music director, we understand that you have the task of healing the orchestra. As music director, you also have the task of inspiring and leading the educational efforts of the Civic Youth Ensemble. As it happens, we represent the CYE stakeholders as well – from Civic alumni to current Civic parent.

At this time, scheduled CYE events require Civic students to perform at fundraisers and community outreach events that would normally be performed by DSO musicians, and you are scheduled to conduct those events. Civic students and their parents are in a very uncomfortable position – many are delaying auditioning for the CYE ensembles while other local youth orchestras are preparing for an influx of new members.

As DSO Music Director, you have lent your name to the legacy of this organization. As alumni and parents, we are invested in the outcome of this situation. As a neutral party, you have the freedom to meet with us. Having met with management and musicians, we ask that in this sixth month of the strike, you meet with us. We are available to meet at your convenience.

Best regards,

David Assemany
Cornelia Pokrzywa

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