Open Letter from Emmanuelle

This is a letter that Emmanuelle read to her colleagues when she announced her decision to join the Dallas Symphony. She has graciously allowed us to publish it here for our members, who are so very saddened by this news.

If you would like to send Emma a farewell message you can write to her at:

or by clicking HERE.

We will forward the messages to Emmanuelle and publish them on this site.

All of us here at SOS wish Emmanuelle the very best in this new and exciting chapter of her life!



Dear DSO musicians,

My soul and every fiber of my being belongs here, on this stage, amongst you, part of you, part of your past, present and future. I would like to acknowledge a debt of gratitude, to everyone who nurtured my path and still does so everyday toward becoming a more skilled orchestral musician.
To every musician who has been here 30, 40 and plus years, and to all the ones who have already departed, I wish to thank you for fostering, encouraging, and teaching me. I thank you for the vast wealth of knowledge and the traditions that this orchestra, and only this orchestra could have passed along. I would like to particularly thank Geoff Applegate for whom I would not have become the orchestral player I am now, he surely has to be the best principal second violinist in the world!
I wish to thank also former Concertmaster Gordon Staples who helped support a smooth transition into my first year, offering guidance every steps of the way. Next to thank are my wonderful stand partners, first the calm, skilled and talented Joe Goldman, again very patient and supportive during the “green” years of my life, I wish to apologize to him for everything I did not know. Then the sweet and passionate John Hughes, followed by the magnificent Laura Rowe, whom I have always called “my rock”, so steadfast and calm, I miss you here very much. Also Hai-Xin Wu who through his refined musicianship thought me how to play Mozart symphonies and piano concertos, and then last but not least, the ultra-talented, god-gifted Kim Kaloyanides Kennedy, who gives so much of herself, in order to continually blend, match, support, and elevate me. As I have worked with other orchestras lately, having to now do the “blending” with players around me, I realize that I haven’t thank you enough Kim for all these years of sublime partnership.

Next, I wish to express gratitude to the musicians of Save Orchestra Hall movement of the 70′s and 80′s, without whom we would not be here today, on the stage of this magnificent Orchestra Hall. It has been a revelation for me to finally view the 70′s video, posted on our MDSO website, of the musicians walking in a circle as the wrecking ball lurks somewhere near. I had heard the story many times, but had never visualized it before.
I would also like to offer a lifetime of gratitude to all past NCs who had vision, strength, courage, talent and dedication, to believe in and uphold this great orchestra. You taught be how to be a dedicated member of AFM.
I would also like to thank past and present members of management and Board who have continually showed kindness and understanding.
Not least is Norris, whom I consider a brother, for whom the fifth paragraph of the press release is dedicated. He and I joined the DSO the same month of the same year. I thank you, Norris and all your team, for protecting and keeping me safe, not only here but also during some of our touring. I will miss you.
Comes to mind next are the smooth, skilled, tireless, and fantastically devoted stage crew, Frank, Larry, Matt and Micky, as well as the extras, who deserve more than our thanks for seamlessly handling all of us, I don’t know of any other orchestras with a stage crew as magnificent as you guys!

To conclude, I wish both of our DSOs fantastic years of great symphonic music and much longevity during these turbulent times.
Music is always timeless,
Best wishes always,

Our readers respond:

A magnificent letter from a magnificent musician – and person. Thank you for these many wonderful years.
~ Carole Keller

Ms. Boisvert: I am deeply saddened (and shocked!) that you are leaving out beloved DSO. However things change in one’s life and I realize that you are doing what is best for you and your amazing career. Congratulations and best wishes for your new life in Dallas!
~ Rita Kerr

Has it really been 23 years since she replaced Gordon Staples? Wow, time flies when the music is great. Thank you, Ms. Boisvert, for your leadership of the DSO and all the beautiful music you have given us. I’m so glad I heard your performance of the Beethoven Romances last week. Best wishes to you and your family in Dallas
~ Joan Berndt

A beautiful letter that embodies what it is to be a high-level orchestral musician …
~ Suzanne Bilyeu

I had the great fortune of speaking one-on-one with Emmanuelle during the intermission at last Saturday’s concert. Pure charm and grace. I have always been stirred by Emmanuelle’s emotion conveyed through her craft. My heart is broken again… by another departure from the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. I commend Ms Boisvert for the difficult decision that was before her but applaud her decision to continue to share her remarkable gift in a more conducive atmosphere. We will miss you Emmanuelle.
~ Brian Patek

We will certainly miss you – the radiance in your playing and your radiant face when you play. Congratulations! Dallas’ gain is truly our loss.
~ Jenn K

A tearful good-bye. We cannot thank you enough for your singularly beautiful music, your presence and your integrity. To us the Detroit Symphony will not be the same without you. We wish you all the best!
~Phil and Hanna Clampitt

What a blow to all music lovers in Michigan to see you go, Ms. Boisvert. From your impeccable musical roots at Curtis and with Cleveland to your masterful presentation of the solo literature, we looked forward each year to hearing and watching you perform at Orchestra Hall. It is sadly telling, it seems, that you have not expressed any feelings about your current MD, only about ones past. Could there be more to this story than disappointment solely with orchestra management? Whatever the case, your professionalism was fully on display this past Sunday when you so passionately collaborated with M. Slatkin in the two Beethoven Romances. We will be sad to see you leave but equally proud to have had you in our musical lives. Ave atque vale!
~Robert Glassman and Jennie Lieberman

Dear Friends,

I cannot adequately express my thanks to Emmanuelle Boisvert, departing concertmaster of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, for her artistry and good will.

For example, I recall a performance by the Detroit Symphony of Verdi’s “Requiem” some years ago. Ms. Boisvert’s setting forth of the violin solo in that work was far the best that I have heard in decades of concert-going.

May Ms. Boisvert’s association with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra bring her self-fulfillment and happiness.

Further, I cannot adequately voice my concern about the situation that has occasioned Ms. Boisvert’s departure from the Detroit Symphony Orchestra.

May the orchestra survive the overwhelming loss of Ms. Boisvert and other distinguished musicians.

May the orchestra’s board and management sincerely express thanks to Ms. Boisvert for her meritorious service and demonstrate to the orchestra and the community that supports it an honest commitment to the secure future of this world-renowned ensemble.
~James Toy MSW


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