MDSO on their own?

It is time for the Musicians of The DSO to separate from the DSO. Your management has not been serious about any type of settlement since the beginning of this strike. The management has disrespected the musicians at every opportunity., they have not ever seriously considered your proposals. That maybe the bad news, things will never be the same in what you once enjoyed. On the positive The MDSO did not take this lying down, you organized by receiving donations, creating support groups, website, facebook, concerts, doing interviews and most importantly you have stuck together.

The MDSO has created its own story, audiences around the world know your story. As a professional musician I know what is really important is the music, musicians, and audience. Yes I know I did not mention money, this is what the fight is mostly about. Mostly but not totally, your management is the slave owner who wants to demonstrate its great power. Slavery is over! The MDSO has proven that it can run its self better in a short time than the DSO. It is very obvious to me that MDSO can run itself!

I would encourage you to reach out to your fans , support groups , donors, fellow musicians, local and national govt, corporate sponsors, union and seriously discuss this idea! You have a choice go back to Slave Master or create your own freedom! If you create your own success you steal victory from the DSO, they will become the laughing stock of Professional music communities and proven to be an utter failure.

Also no member should return to what management is now calling their reformed orchestra, make sure that all of you stick together so that management does not have a chance of any high level performances, the management will fail completely. Remember what is truly important is The Music, The Musicians, and the Audience and right now The MDSO owns all three!

Gregory Thompkins
Yamaha Artist
Music Director of The Baltimore Jazz ED Project
Brother of Kenneth Thompkins

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3 Responses to MDSO on their own?

  1. Pat Gurin says:

    Excellent ideas :)

  2. Jennifer Kocher says:

    Right on! This approach is very exciting! It’s called progress! It’s called justice! It’s called dignity! I just said much the same thing in comments under “Detroit’s New Model”, and I’ve said it before, too! Happy to see it being talked about! Power to the musicians! :D

  3. Jim Jonah says:

    Well said!

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