Lilit Danielyan Says Good-Bye

lilitcopyLilit Danielyan, an eleven-year veteran of the Detroit Symphony’s violin section is saying good-bye after winning an audition to join the Dallas Symphony. She will be joining DSO’s Concertmaster, Emmanuelle Boisvert, and Principal Timpanist, Brian Jones, who previously announced their departures for Dallas.

Born in Yerevan, Armenia, in 1975, Lilit’s talent for music was recognized at a very early age. When she was just 12, she made her professional debut with the Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra, performing Saint-Saens’s Violin Concerto No. 3 and, as a student, won numerous awards including Second Prize at the Soviet Youth Violin Competition in Odessa, Ukraine, in 1989 and First Prize at the International Mozart Competition in Belgium in 1991. Following an intense period of study in London and the United States, Lilit joined the Detroit Symphony Orchestra in 2000.

A Message from Lilit Danielyan:

Music is the universal language of the heart. Music, in all its variety, speaks to and is understood intuitively by every person on this planet. As a member of Detroit Symphony’s violin section, I helped each week to bring music to life on the magnificent stage of Orchestra Hall. It is this music that gathers our beloved audiences together, no matter their nationality or mother tongue, to listen, enjoy and experience a deep inner resonance as our music touches them in a way that the spoken word cannot.

Please know that the Detroit Symphony Orchestra is doing its very best to keep the heart of Detroit alive at home, through its many performances, and away, when on tour or being broadcast.

Dear Audience Members, You have been wonderful in your support of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. Please be there to help the musicians of the DSO continue their work of bringing spectacular classical music performances in the spirit of beauty, harmony, kindness and goodness to Michigan and the world.

My Dear Colleagues, Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the many years of friendship and wonderful memories. I will cherish them. Although I have decided to move to Dallas to continue my career, I am ever so proud to have been part of this orchestra performing alongside each of you, where I was privileged to share my gift of making music at the highest possible level.

We, in turn, wish Lilit God’s speed as she and her husband, Grigor Poghosyan, and their two children, Shackay and Arman, embark on a new voyage. We will surely miss you all.

—The Musicians of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra

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