Excellent reporting from The Detroit News

Michael H. Hodges / Detroit News Fine Arts Writer

When the Detroit Symphony Orchestra suspended the rest of the 2010-2011 season Saturday, it set in motion events that some fear could spell doom for the 123-year-old ensemble, long regarded as one of the nation’s very best…….

Click HERE for the rest of this excellent article in the Detroit News that speaks from both sides of this issue.

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  1. Helen Near says:

    This is a very informative article, and thanks to Drew McManus for his great coverage of the strike. I would add one thing to his last comment (in this article): while transparency of the $2 million in question is necessary (who has donated this money and what really are the terms of educational use?), the big issue is clearly change of work rules. For management to parcel out the orchestra in small groups, it cheapens the product: the Detroit Symphony Orchestra’s strength is that it is a top rated orchestra. Management has a great product–sell it like the public needs it–they need it now more than ever.

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