DSO Management reveals plan to reconstitute the DSO

A very different Detroit Symphony Orchestra could emerge in the coming months unless the DSO musicians reverse themselves and agree to terms even more stringent than the offer they rejected over the weekend.

The DSO administration is prepared to move forward with a newly assembled group of players that would include only those members of the current orchestra who agree to unilaterally presented terms, DSO Vice President Paul Hogle said Sunday …

Click HERE for a link to the entire article in the Detroit News

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One Response to DSO Management reveals plan to reconstitute the DSO

  1. Helen Near says:

    Well here it is–stage one (just as Bruce Coppock proposed in his Dec. 9th speech to the DSO’s annual meeting)–the new model for symphony orchestras (or as I see it:   The Non Union Symphony Orchestra).  Does management actually think they will be able to hire a new orchestra membership?  The DSO is already on the American Federation of Musicians International Unfair List–who do they think they will get to replace their current roster of top notch musicians:  students fresh out of conservatory and/or area freelance musicians currently playing in regional orchestras?  They would all likely be fined by the AFM for performing with an orchestra on the AFM Unfair List.  Remember, when Sarah Chang was slated to solo with the orchestra, she steered clear of the newly brewing strike (and soloists and conductors are usually not union affiliated).  

    And what about Leonard Slatkin?  Paul Hogle says “We can’t afford not to keep him”.  How is management planning on pulling that one off when they have the wolves at the door for the note on the Max? 
    I hope those who have been following the events of the last five months are connecting the dots.  What’s happening to our home town orchestra is no different than what’s going on in Wisconsin and many other states:  Management (or the political party in power) blaming economic calamity on the unions and robbing them of the right to collective bargaining.  If Management subscribed to Bruce Coppock’s plan way back in December, 2010, do you actually think they were coming to the bargaining table with the intention of compromise?    

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