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Social media is an “invitation to involvement

Cornelia Pokryzwa is a long time fan and patron of the orchestra. She thinks the strike discussions on the DSO facebook fan page are valuable. She likes that  all kinds of people are participating in the discussion -  from musicians and DSO season ticket holders to people who’ve never even seen a DSO performance. But Pokryzwa thinks management could do more to interact with the people who post on the fan page:

“Social media is an invitation to involvement, and so once people are involved enough to comment, then it seems that the strategy should be to engage them and not just host a discussion board. There are a lot of angry people on there and I think they need to do something…to get their fans back.”

Expert: “You cannot negotiate a labor agreement on the social media.”

Christie Nordhielm, a marketing professor at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business, says “you cannot negotiate a labor agreement on the social media. It doesn’t work.” She calls it a “poor use of social media as a tool.”

Nordhielm believes the DSO’s image will be hurt by the fight on facebook, but the question is for how long. Her advice for the DSO management?

“First: Shut up. Just stop. And then second: Wait quietly until people forget.”

She says lucky for the DSO, the public has a short attention span. The question is: will the musicians?

Click HERE for a link to the article on Michigan Public Radio.

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