DSO Concertmaster Resigns

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DSO Concertmaster Resigns

by johnrockneguinn on May 26, 2011

Detroit Symphony Orchestra Concertmaster Emmanuelle Boisvert’s departure to become associate concertmaster of the Dallas Symphony is a major blow to our orchestra, its patrons and the cultural health of southeastern lower Michigan.

Do the faulty DSO managers, along with those dangerously naive board members who continue to support them, realize just how serious Boisvert’s departure is?

For this is not simply the case of a gifted violinist flitting about from one ensemble to another. Boisvert has been Detroit’s concertmaster for 23 years. She came on board at the ripe young age of 25, the first female to hold the concertmaster’s position in a major American orchestra.

She leaves for a lesser position in Dallas trailing a glorious legacy. Not only has her solo work been consistently superb, her intense artistic personality has had a major impact on the unique sonic character of Detroit’s orchestra.

Boisvert has said that she had planned to stay in Detroit for her entire career. What lured her to Dallas, she says, is simple: the Dallas orchestra’s commitment to classical music, the intrinsic respect offered to the musicians and the emphasis placed on communication and teamwork at all levels.

What a sad indictment of the current workings of the Detroit orchestra’s board and management! What a severe wound to the struggling, post-strike musicians who are trying to maintain the health and character of their ensemble!

In a statement sent to DSO board and staff members today, executive director Anne Parsons wrote that the information about Boisvert’s departure “was released to the press directly by the Orchestra, with some of us learning about Emmanuelle’s decision at this morning’s Executive Committee meeting, from her musician peers who sit on that committee.”

Wonder why.

The fact is, orchestra is losing its major individual lynchpin. Adieu, Emmanuelle! We will miss you mightily!

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