CDs for sale!

Save Our Symphony Pop-up CD Store!

Many thanks to the local musicians who have made these CDs available to Save Our Symphony members.

CDs are $10.00 each, plus $1.00 each for shipping and handling.  Quantities are limited
Contact  to arrange for payment and delivery.

All proceeds will go directly to Save Our Symphony.
Click on the image for a closeup of the CD

Piper’s Holiday – Ervin Monroe and Alexander Jonjic

pipers-holiday_0 pipers-holiday-back


Holiday Brass – Detroit Chamber Winds and Strings

holiday-brass_0 holiday-brass-back


Detroit Symphony Wind Quintet
Erv Monroe, Don Baker, Ted Oien, Paul Schaller, Bob Williams, Karl Pituch, Eugene Wade

dso-wind-quintet dso-wind-quintet-back


Hobson’s Choice – St Clair Trio
Emmanuelle Boisvert, Marcy Chanteaux, Pauline Martin

hobsons-choice hobsons-choice-back


Barn Burner – Randy Hawes

barn-burner barn-burner-back


Pavane – Erv Monroe, Terry Herald

pavane pavan-back


Musical Treasures – Erv Monroe, Fontaine Lang

musical-treasures musical-treasures-back


The Classical Album – Erv Monroe, Alexander Zonjic

the-classical-album the-classical-album-back


An Affair of the Harp – Kerstin Allvin plays James Hartway

affair-of-the-harp affair-of-the-harp-back


City Sketches – Music of James Hartway
St Clair Trio, Fedora Horowitz, Earnestine Nimmons, Laura Larson, Kerstin Allvin, Flavio Varani, Ray Ferguson, Glenn Carlos, Peter Schoenbach

city-sketches city-sketches-back


Imaginary Creatures – Music of James Hartway
Pauline Martin, Pamela Schiffer, Catherine Wilson, Rob Conway, Caroline Coade, Kerstin Allvin, Jeffery Zook

imaginary-creatures imaginary-creatures-back


Gestures – David Assemany

gestures gestures-back


Collage – David Assemany

collage collage-back

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