A statement from the SOS Board of Directors

While we celebrate the return of our musicians to Orchestra Hall, let us not forget the tremendous financial sacrifices made by these musicians when they accepted this contract. SOS salutes these fine individuals for their commitment to Michigan and the Arts. Bravo!!

SOS intends to work with all involved parties to ensure that the next contract is commensurate with the skill, talent and level of artistic excellence that is the hallmark of the musicians of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra!

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One Response to A statement from the SOS Board of Directors

  1. Helen Near says:

    Bravo! for all your efforts these last six months. I hope you will continue to post info. on other cultural attacks being perpetrated on orchestras throughout the country, such as Philadelphia filing for Chapter 11 and most recently, New Mexico Symphony filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which completely dissolves the organization. These events have a common thread via the agenda of the League of American Orchestras–a reflection of the politics of the nation.

    Helen Near

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