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Help SOS work with DSO Leadership to save the orchestra!

Save Our Symphony is committed to preserving the Detroit Symphony Orchestra as one of the world’s finest. Unfortunately, the current state of the organization is such that it is not able to support the orchestra at that level. The decisions of the last several years demonstrate that DSO leadership puts the institution ahead of the orchestra. This has—and will likely continue to—result in an exodus of musicians leaving the orchestra, with those remaining unsure of their future and the future of the DSO itself. The strike and cancellation of nearly the entire 2010-11 season inspired many DSO fans like you to ask what they could do to ensure the future of the DSO.

We believe that together we can make a difference:

The members of the DSO Board of Directors shape the institution and sustain it through extraordinary donations of both dollars and time. We applaud them for this, and would like to offer them the benefit of a new perspective: that of ordinary audience members. To do this, we need to obtain seats on the Board and among the DSO Governing Members. Individually, most audience members do not have the resources to obtain these seats as they come with a substantial financial commitment. Together, we can accomplish this goal, build our voice, and make a difference.

If you want to have a voice in the future of the DSO, please consider making a contribution to SOS. Any amount that you are able to give is welcome. These dollars will go directly to the DSO, funding positions for SOS members among the Governing Members and Board of Directors. Your contribution not only gives you, through SOS, a voice at the organizational level of the DSO, it also helps DSO, Inc., to rebuild. As a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt entity, all contributions to Save Our Symphony, Inc are tax-deductible according to law.

SOS will work actively and collaboratively with the DSO leadership to bring about the changes necessary to return the DSO to its former level of artistry and excellence and keep it there for future generations. SOS will hold quarterly meetings where contributors at any level will be welcome to bring their concerns, suggestions and experiences to our notice. SOS members on the DSO Governing Board or the DSO Board will then take your input to the DSO.

This is your opportunity to help ensure the future of one of Detroit’s cultural gems. Through the support of your voice and dollars, SOS will continue its mission: “To promote and support the world-class artistic excellence and stature of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and to hold its management and board of trustees accountable for their fiduciary responsibilities to the public trust including the preservation of this great orchestra and its future.”

Please help SOS bring the voice of the audience to the DSO. Contributions can be made to:

Save Our Symphony
PO Box 2403
Birmingham, Michigan 48012

Donations may also be made with your credit card or PayPal by following this link:

Support the DSO!

Thank you for your continued support. We hope you will consider a donation to SOS. Remember, your donation will go directly to support the Detroit Symphony Orchestra!

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DSO Governing Members Program

From the DSO website:

Launched this spring, the new Governing Members program has attracted over 20 new members who join 85 legacy donors at the $2,500 and up level. Inspired by the DSO’s movement to address the deeper engagement of its leadership-giving patrons, the majority of these donors graduated to the $2,500 level from the $400 and up range of giving. Seven of these donors had either not made a gift in recent years or had never given a previous gift to the DSO’s Annual Fund. As the Spring Season concluded, Governing Member giving exceeded $1 million.

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Detroit Symphony Orchestra Board of Directors

As of August 13, 2011
This information is taken from the DSO Website

Stanley Frankel, Chairman of the Board

Executive Committee

Paul M. Huxley, First Vice Chair

Marlies Castaing, Second Vice Chair

Glenda D. Price, Ph.D., Secretary

Arthur A. Weiss, Treasurer

Lloyd E. Reuss, Officer At-large

Clyde Wu, M.D., Officer At-large

Phillip Wm. Fisher, Officer At-large

Lillian Bauder, Ph.D.

Penny B. Blumenstein

Lynne Carter, M.D.

Ron Fischer

Herman Frankel

Ralph J. Gerson

Alfred R. Glancy III, Chairman Emeritus

Kelly Hayes

Dr. Arthur L. Johnson

Richard P. Kughn

Bonnie Larson

Melvin A. Lester, M.D.

Arthur C. Liebler

David Robert Nelson

James B. Nicholson, Chairman Emeritus

Bruce D. Peterson

Bernard I. Robertson

Jack A. Robinson

Alan E. Schwartz

Barbara Van Dusen


Ismael Ahmed

Rosette Ajluni

Robert Allesee

Daniel Angelucci

Janet Ankers, Volunteer Council President

Floy Barthel

George J. Bedrosian, Esq.

Mrs. Mandell L. Berman

Robert H. Bluestein

John A. Boll, Sr.

Richard A. Brodie

Marlies Castaing

Gary L. Cowger

Peter D. Cummings, Chairman Emeritus

Stephen R. D’Arcy

Maureen T. D’Avanzo

Karen Davidson

Peter J. Dolan

Walter E. Douglas, Jr.

Linda Dresner

Marianne Endicott

Jennifer Fischer

Sidney Forbes

Laura L. Fournier

Mrs. Harold Frank

Barbara Frankel

Paul Ganson*

Herman Gray, M.D.

Brigitte Harris

Gloria Heppner, Ph.D.

Nicholas Hood III

Ronald M. Horwitz

Sharad P. Jain

Mark Jannott

Renee Janovsky

Chacona Johnson

Michael J. Keegan

The Hon. Damon J. Keith

William P. Kingsley

Harold Kulish

Harry A. Lomason II

Ralph J. Mandarino

Florine Mark

David N. McCammon

Lois A. Miller

Ed Miller

James C. Mitchell, Jr.

Sean M. Neall

Faye Alexander Nelson

Arthur T. O’Reilly, Chairman, Governing Members

Robert E. L. Perkins, D.D.S.

William F. Pickard

Marilyn Pincus

Stephen Polk

Marjorie S. Saulson

Lois L. Shaevsky

Mrs. Ray A. Shapero

Wei Shen

Jane Sherman

Shirley R. Stancato

Stephen Strome

Michael R. Tyson

Ann Marie Uetz

David Usher

Arthur A. Weiss, Esq.

R. Jamison Williams

John E. Young

Lifetime Members

Samuel Frankel†

David Handleman, Sr.†

* Ex Officio

† Deceased

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